1. Banh xung

  2. Singapore laksa


  3. "And also if you’re wishing somebody well, it’s also hard to judge them at the same time."
  4. Cosmos flowers near Koma station


  5. "It is never too late to change your behavior to be healthier in the long run."
  6. The sun was setting as we climb down the mountain at Enoshima

  7. Yokohama around Minatomirai station

    Yes, the shock, exciting moment when you want to breathe normally but is not able to because you are falling safely from a very high place through a roller coaster ride. Your heart beats fast, and it would not stop right before you start the ride. Just like the time you are about to start any presentation though you think you are not nervous, but this heart love to just beat like it is in a hurry. Isn’t it amazing, you do not have to do anything but you can breathe on your own. They said writing for writing’s sake. So forgive me, it has no topic and all the sentence do not match. Good night. Let’s do car racing in our dreams. 


  8. "I barely remember him/her because he was so quiet. But that him/her remember almost everyone."

  9. "Have the courage to be imperfect."

  10. "Sometimes all I really need is to pause everything even just the thinking and wandering and start doing. Read not the novel, but text books."