1. "I’m sorry for screwing up so badly."
  2. Beautiful pond in Shizuoka


  3. "Get your inside straight and the outside might take better care of itself."
  4. Somewhere in Japan, Shizuoka prefecture


  5. "I just have to believe I can do it. So that I can keep on going."
  6. Sunset and the rice field at Nozawa, Nagano, Japan.

  7. How many time do I have to ask for just one more day?

  8. I wonder too how much do I even care about just everything?

    At: Shirahama Beach

  9. And so I think it is easy to understand, turn out it is hard.


  10. "You will have your heart broken probably more than once. You too will or may have broken others’ heart. So remember how it felt when yours was broken."